Spring Souroti

100 years unchanged in taste and quality

For more than a century, souroti has been quenching the thirst and relieving thousands of people every day.

From a spring where abundant water gushed up from the earth, a small lake was formed which overflowed and tthrough a picturesque ravine in a magnificent landscape ended into the small river Anthemounda (Anthemous = Full of flowers).  From this same location, the carbonated natural mineral water Souroti still spring today.

The richness of the Greek land adds its own drops to the natural recipe. The circulation of the water at great underground depths, and its passage through rocks of special composition gives souroti its special mineral composition and its special taste The result: a natural resource of unique quality and taste with the exact same composition in the analyses of elements from 1916 to the present day.


Each water has a different composition and depends on the specific hydrogeological conditions and the hydrogeological model of the aquifer in each region.

The uniqueness of the hydrogeological profile of Souroti, the particular stratigraphy and composition of the rocks through which the groundwater resource passes, and the long time it takes to move through the rocks, creates a water of unique composition. The journey starts with the rainwater descends to great depths, passes through the rocks that enrich it with ions and trace elements and, protected from external surface influences and environmental pollutants, gushes out into the Souroti area.

Throughout this journey, it is filtered and cleaned naturally. Through the carbonate rocks (limestones, dolomites) it passes through, it is enriched with valuable minerals such as calcium, magnesium, carbon dioxide CO2 and bicarbonates (HCO3-). 

By contact with geothermal fluids at a great depth it is enriched with silica (SiO2) and lithium (Li). It springs from the heart of the earth through geological faults at the SOUROTI water source and is bottled directly.

Both the origin, the circulation pattern up to the water intake point and the specificity of the chemical composition of the water have been analysed and studied by a series of hydrogeological – geophysical studies and the protection zones of the natural resource have been defined, within which all anthropogenic activity is strictly controlled.

The source of water abstraction and the underground reserves are controlled and monitored continuously and systematically, in cooperation with specialist scientists and University Institutions, in order to ensure the rational management of the natural resource, stability and sustainability.

Respect for the natural environment - Sustainability

“All of us at SOUROTI S.A. we argue that an aquatic natural resource is a valuable social good, renewable and inextricably linked to the environment and to life.”

The rational management of the natural resource, sustainability and respect for the natural environment with a view to the future, are key commitments of SOUROTI SA.

For decades and with continuous cooperation with a team of experts, we manage the natural resource “Souroti” with best practices, in the most rational and sustainable way and with respect to the natural environment in order to ensure stability and sustainability.

We respond for cooperation with Primary and Secondary Environmental Education groups and we support programs and work to promote the rational management of natural resources, sustainability and respect for the natural environment.

Since 1991, we have been accepting visits from students and teachers to our facilities, where they receive training and information on the following topics: Environment-Natural Resources-Water and promotion of the activities of SOUROTI S.A. on the sustainable management of the natural resource.

From 1991 until today, about 2000 school educational visits have taken place at the SOUROTI Factory with the free participation of about 120,000 students and about 8000 teachers.

Addition of extra CO2.

Souroti has a natural content – at the source of abstraction – of carbonaceous compounds, carbon dioxide in a particularly significant amount, in the range of 1200 mg/L and is one of the criteria for recognition as Natural Mineral Water.

In order to enhance the flavour with a greater sense of carbonation, carbon dioxide of natural origin, extracted from the earth from areas with underground carbon dioxide layers, is added during the bottling process

In relation to "Nitrates"

Because there are many references to the term “NITRATES” we would like to mention for the better information of the public that souroti belongs to the category of natural mineral waters with Nitrate undetectable or lower than 0.4 mg/L.