Souroti with natural flavours

Souroti with

natural flavours

The Souroti taste palette

The Souroti taste palette

Souroti’s new flavours are based on the naturalness and purity of its ingredients, ensuring its authenticity and remaining true to its mission.

With the soft natural flavour of lemon and lime, Souroti combines all the valuable properties of natural mineral water with the freshness and unparalleled coolness of citrus fruits.

Souroti with natural lemon and lime flavour

Souroti with natural pink grapefruit flavour

The freshness of pink grapefruit

Experience the burst of refreshing bubbles, like dipping into a pool of hydration, rejuvenation and wellness, and allow Souroti’s new flavours to carry you away on a journey that will satisfy even the most demanding palate. With zero sugar and less that one calorie, Souroti’s new flavours are just what you need.

Experience the freshness of Souroti pink grapefruit flavour and let it awaken your senses! You can enjoy it on its own or add it to cocktails for a unique, sparkling drinking experience.

A sense of coolness

In today’s market, consumers are looking for better and healthier options. In recent years, the consumption of herbs and natural ingredients, and the enrichment of food or beverages with ‘super herbs’ and ‘super foods’ has become increasingly popular.

Souroti mainly uses herbs, vegetables and flowers, and constantly seeks to enrich its range with pure options that benefit the body and place no burden on it whatsoever. Souroti brings to your glass five natural flavours so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

Souroti’s natural mint and spearmint flavour gives you a sense of coolness and a whiff of summer.

Souroti with natural mint and spearmint flavour

Souroti with mastic flavour

When Mastic met souroti

A meeting that was bound to happen. Discover the new combination of coolness and pleasure in Souroti with mastic flavour.

Revel in the unique taste and refreshing experience of two exceptional and unique treasures of the Greek earth, mastic and Souroti. Sugar-free and with less than one calorie, this is a drink for all hours and a great ingredient for delicious mocktails and cocktails.

Souroti in full bloom...

The flower that once inspired the four-leaf rosette on Souroti’s logo is now back to offer its natural flavour…
Souroti’s logo, the four-leaf rosette, represents the 4 elements of nature and the spring’s origin from ancient Anthemus, the rose field of Northern Greece known for its exceptional beauty.

The bond between Souroti and the rose, the ultimate symbol of beauty, purity and luxury, is unbreakable, natural and goes back centuries. Discover Souroti with natural rose flavour without sugar and calories, and fill your moments with its wonderful, refreshing taste.

Souroti with natural rose flavour