SOUROTI sees no borders!

Today, 100 years after first being bottled, SOUROTI Carbonated Natural Mineral Water occupies a prominent position in the preferences of consumers who demand quality and health, while at the same time coming first in sales in the industry nationwide.

Production Lines
Skilled Employees
0 m^2
New Premises
SOUROTI S.A. products are bottled in its state-of-the-art factories at the Souroti site in Northern Greece.

A team of specialised scientists, who have both knowledge and experience in bottling technology, paired with a well-equipped laboratory for all controls and tests required at all stages of the production process, ensure the hygiene and safety of all SOUROTI S.A. products on a daily basis.

The harmonious combination of human resources and logistics ensures that Souroti products meet the requirements of Greek legislation for bottled water, as well as the provisions of the European Union.

With four complete production lines, high-tech machinery, 91 permanent skilled employees, new premises covering an area of 7,500 m^2, offices in Athens and new products, it is plain to see that the company is opening new horizons in Greece and abroad.